Be Better

This year I had decided I wanted to be better. Not just at my job, but in my personal life too. I know we’re only a few months into the new year but I think it’s been going pretty well so far.

For those of you that know me personally know last year I was not in a good place. Super negative. Little to no confidence left. Defeated. Just not the best year ever. I was determined that 2011 had to be better. New job and a new outlook.

So, what do I need to be better at? First (and probably most importantly) I need to be better at being patient. I am the most impatient person that I know. And it’s gotta stop. Little things that wouldn’t drive other people nuts can cause me to have an ulcer. I think so far, I’m doing a lot better at this. I’ve been taking deep breaths and trying to focus on other things when I’m getting impatient. This one will take a lot of work though.

I’m trying to be better at being confident. So far, so good this year. I feel like I’m walking with a pep back in my step. I’m not worrying so much about what others think. It’s the little things that add up I’ve learned. A new friendship. A compliment. Seeing yourself through someone else’s eyes.

Writing. Admittedly, I don’t write as often as I need to. I need to become better at that. In college, I finally realized that writing was not only a passion, but it was something that I did pretty darn well (thank you Bluffton College…I mean University). After writing mostly fundraising letters and articles directed to teens, it’s time to turn that around. I’m starting to look into freelance opportunities and think it will continue to help me be better…professionally and personally.

Being a better friend. I think this is one that everyone can work on each and every day. I need to start calling the BFF more often. Emailing those I don’t see everyday. Texting. Facebook. Whatever it takes to be better at friendship. I truly believe that I have rid my life of toxic friendships so now I need to focus on the ones that are close to me.

More thoughts coming on being better in the new year but now it’s time to get ready. Tonight is “Dark Ride” a VIP experience at Playhouse Square, featuring Jay Sean and introducing the new Lexus CT200h (one day, in the next two years, I will own a Lexus. I’m determined.) Thanks to Confessions of a Cohabitant for the tickets!

Look for a review tomorrow! 

(So excited to see him!!!)

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Type A, City Dweller. Lover of all things CLE, bad pop music, coffee, reading, to-do lists and wine.
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  1. whatsaysyou says:

    Good on you and keep it up.

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