A Little About Me

I’m Charlene…a Clevelander who falls more and more in love with her city every day. I’m fueled by: coffee, bourbon, red wine and pop music (not necessarily in that order).

By day, I’m a workaholic/Director of Account Services at a full-service advertising agency. In between my career and this blog, you can often find me out in the city that I love. Whether enjoying happy hour or dinner at one of our amazing restaurants, grabbing a beer with co-workers at one of our favorite bars, watching one of the Cleveland sports teams or attending a fundraising event for one of the more than worthy CLE non-profits, I absolutely adore everything about Cleveland.

Some other random facts about me?

  • I work best under pressure. I can’t decide yet if that’s a good thing or not. 
  • I can multi-task all day, everyday. Yet am easily distracted.
  • Dawson’s Creek is still my favorite show. And I was always a Pacey and Joey girl.
  • I started out working in non-profit marketing and fundraising. Now that I’m out of that career, there’s not much I love more than volunteering.
  • I had thyroid cancer.
  • I went to private school my entire life. Not necessarily by choice but I’m thankful for that option.
  • Two of my best friends I’ve known since high school. I went to college with one and we’ve been best friends since we were 14 and 15. The other, I barely spoke to in HS but we reconnected post-college and I’m beyond thankful for her.
  • There aren’t many people that I will allow to interrupt my hour “me-time” on Thursday nights during Grey’s Anatomy.
  • I really love bad pop music. I have no problem admitting that I rock out to Carly Rae, One Direction, Fifth Harmony, etc…
  • I’m a workaholic. I’d rather be busy than not have something to do.

Disclaimer: This is Charlene’s personal profile. The views and opinions expressed here are hers.

**Special Thanks to Carrie (aka Graphic Diva Design) for her fantastic work on my blog header!**

Need to reach me? Want to chat about why I love the CLE? Have a cool opportunity that you’d like me to be a part of?
Email me at lifeinthecle(at)gmail.com.

2 Responses to A Little About Me

  1. Linda Gruenspan says:

    Hi Charlene,
    I love your energy, it comes shining through the pages of your blog. I am on the LOCAVORE committee and I saw your post. I am sharing it with all the chefs! I saw the “fashionista” choices and I just want to let you know it’s just a “fun” casual attire kinda event. I am sure you will look divine in whatever you wear, just wanted to give you a heads up!
    I am looking forward to meeting you on the 7th at 7!

  2. Mar says:

    I agree with this one… “I really love bad pop music. I have no problem admitting that I rock out to One Direction, Carly Rae and more” Call me maybe???

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