Get It Right

Yes, I just watched Glee and am singing the original songs, which of course I downloaded. Make fun if you’d like. I’m okay with it.

For some reason this season I’ve been completely sucked into the Bachelor. The thing is I wasn’t even a fan of Brad when he was first on the show, so I’m not sure why this season I couldn’t miss an episode and would often have conversations with coworkers about who we thought should win. I was an Emily fan from the beginning (and I seriously sobbed when I heard her story….again, go ahead and make fun). I was kind of worried about the two of them though during the “After the Rose” episode on Monday but think they really do have a chance to make it. Mostly since Emily is a mom and wouldn’t be dragging her daughter through all of this if she wasn’t serious…at least I’d hope not. And the proposal was absolutely adorable (again, tears).

During all of this, I had to ask myself – what is it exactly about reality TV that sucks so many people in? I mean, I’m a pretty intelligent girl but for some reason, certain reality shows have completely won me over. Namely, the Bachelor and any of the Real Housewives. I honestly think it’s the whole “my life isn’t nearly that bad” aspect. Or “at least I’m not as crazy as those girls” (which is what my coworker and I have decided). Anytime we can see someone who is a little more insecure, little more crazy, little more ridiculous, we somehow get sucked into their life. Mostly because it makes all of us feel better I think. Whether it’s the nut cases that go on the Bachelor, the women on the Real Housewives that cannot form a stable relationship/friendship, or Snooki’s alcohol issue…they all make us feel a little better about our daily life.

So what shows are you addicted to? And why?

On another note…tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day. Which is a huge holiday in Cleveland. I’ve had some fantastic St. Patrick’s Days in downtown CLE.  It’s not surprising that I love being downtown for this holiday…as one of my coworkers said to me today, it’s just like being at a Browns game, except everyone is wearing green. And my love for Muiney lot and the Browns exceeds most things in life. Tomorrow though I’ll be working though but looking forward to lunch with coworkers and maybe an evening green beer. Be safe to those going out. Call a cab or take the rapid if you are going to be out and about!

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Type A, City Dweller. Lover of all things CLE, bad pop music, coffee, reading, to-do lists and wine.
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1 Response to Get It Right

  1. Neci says:

    A few of my television addictions, in no particular order…
    – True Blood: Sexy vampires doing sexy things. ‘Nuff said.
    – Arrested Development: Dysfunctional family? Who can’t relate to that?
    – The Office: Unfortunately, I work in this environment. Minus the sexy Jim Halper and a semi-cool gay Latino guy.
    – Mod’ Fam’: Duh.
    – Drinking Made Easy: Um, drinking while traveling and getting paid for it and being a tv star… this is my ultimate dream job.

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