Stress, Worry, Concern, Urgency, Anxiety…

For some reason, today was the day I realized that I’m turning 28 in just over a month. And panic quickly overcame me…but this is where things get amazing. The panic was gone within a few minutes. I go through moments where I’m completely happy where I am at in life and then there are moments were my anxiety begins. My 20’s have seriously flown by and I’m not sure how I feel about that. But I’m in a different place today than I was even three months ago.

The anxiety comes out of the weirdest situations. Like when I realized that most of my friends are in their (gasp) 30’s. Or today when I realized that instead of the usual 8-10 weddings I have a year to attend that this year I only have one or two. That means many of my friends are now married (and most of my close friends are married with children).

But here’s the other thing – I used to get completely hung up on these types of things. Things like the fact that I’m turning 30 sooner rather than later, that I’m still single, that my friends are all married with kids. But I can honestly say that I’m not hung up the way I used to be. Obviously, I still have my moments as I did for about five minutes today.

Instead of going into my usual stress, worry, anxiety-stricken moments, I’m looking at the bright side of things. First, so many of my friends have said that their 30’s were the best times in their lives – when they learned the most. Second, less weddings = less money….jk (kinda). Third, I’m really quite stable, emotionally and financially, among many of my friends. Fourth, I’m really going to dive into my career this year – learn more, discover more, and work more.

Instead of seeing my 30’s as a “death sentence” I’m going to try to be much more positive about all of this. I really am having one of the best years of my life so far. The career change has made the world of difference in my life. I’m more confident today than I have been in years. My friendships have grown. I’ve reconnected with people who I had been distant from. I’m closer to my best friend now than I’ve been in a few years.

So, what I’m really saying is…28 bring it on!

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Type A, City Dweller. Lover of all things CLE, bad pop music, coffee, reading, to-do lists and wine.
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2 Responses to Stress, Worry, Concern, Urgency, Anxiety…

  1. Christopher Myers says:

    I am glad that you are embracing these points you’ve brought up more Charlene, and looking to the positives more than the negatives. Besides, 30 is the new 21 anyway! With things changing for the better in your life, you’re hitting your stride at just the right time. I have found the same to be true in my life as well. The early part of my 20’s were ok, and the middle years were a bit hairy, but the latter part of that decade of life and the promise of a better 30’s than I had hoped for just a couple of short years ago make me more excited about turning 30 than I was at any of the other milestone years (e.g., 18, 21). I’d say that you’re headed in a better direction than a lot of people our age, so soak it up and make sure your martinis are a little drier than normal to celebrate! Of course a birthday drink on me will definitely be in order..

  2. lifeinthecle says:

    I gotta say Chris, I’m pretty proud of the two of us, for a number of reasons! Looking forward to that birthday drink next month 🙂

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