Spring Can’t Come Soon Enough

For so many reasons, I cannot wait for spring. First, I’ll be able to shake whatever this cold/flu is that I have, which is causing me to not be able to get out of bed. Second, St. Patrick’s Day. Third, my birthday. Fourth, my lovely friend Jenna’s wedding and my friend Chris is reprising his role as “token wedding date” (which reminds me – I must dress shop soon). Fifth, concerts 2011 begins. And sixth, warm weather.

But another important reason I love spring. Fashion. It’s one of the loves of my life. I would describe my style as contemporary classic, simple yet chic. When I worked at Express, post college, my poor bank account could tell you that Express is the store where I find most of my style choices. I could literally walk into Express any day and drop a couple hundred dollars. Easily.

But I digress. I’m going to break down some of my favorites in this blog and figured that fashion will be the perfect place to start. Soon, I’ll be posting my beauty must haves. Let’s start though with my must-have fashion 2011 items for spring:

Let’s face it. We live in Cleveland. Therefore, we really can’t stop layering until May/June. Which is where The North Face comes in. By far, one of my favorites lines of
coats. They are casual yet I regularly wear either of mine during the work week. I love this one for spring (personally I like the lime green version, but any of the colors are great for spring).

My newest favorite item in my closet from Express is this Belted Jacket. Perfect for work or to dress up when going out. I can’t wait to wear it with jeans, a simple tee, heels, and some jewelry for casual Friday (plus, I had Express cash so I ended up saying an addition $15 on this jacket – totally worth the investment).






Next up: the simple, chic, versatile dress. This past winter I feel in love with sweater
dresses, leggings, and boots.  However, that’s just not going to work once Spring really hits Cleveland. However, the same concept can be taken into Spring. I love this tank dress from Victoria’s Secret. You can easily put a lightweight cardigan over it for the daytime, along with wedge shoes. Or for an easy, on the go weekend look, slip on flip flops. So versatile. Plus, the color and sequins are fab. Ann Taylor Loft also has some fabulous options for wear to work dresses.



Embellished tops. My favorite. I’ll be the first to admit it. The majority of my closet is black and grey. Those are my “go-to” colors. I promise you I’m not emo though. Express has some fantastic options for this spring though with bright colors and embellished tops. I picked up this creme one and paired it with black pants, black pumps, and a jean jacket. The small details make such a difference. Perfect look for the office. For the weekend though, I’m looking forward to wearing it with capris or jeans and a lightweight cardigan. Lots of options.

Another top that I’ve fallen absolutely head of heels for is from Boutique on Feet. I recently discovered this “online” boutique and absolutely ADORE all that they have. From tops to purses to accessories. So cute! This top is one that I totally must have for the spring.


In my pursuit to brighten up my closet, my 2011 fashion resolution was to start buying more colors. Now that spring has hit most stores, it’s much easier to find colors and options. It’s still hard for me, as I tend to still go to the darks/blacks/greys. But once I saw this top online I knew I had to have it to start my “spring collection”. Of course when I got to the store to purchase it I immediately went to the dark option but I’m proud to say I actually loved the bright colors and bought it immediately. Love the sheer material on this particular top and am seeing more and more tops similar.

Now, my last “spring” must have is mostly for my Clevelanders. St. Patrick’s Day is a tradition in Cleveland. It’s an all day event. It’s an…experience. The parade. The kegs and eggs. The music. The green. All of it. Imagine my excitement when C.L.E. Clothing (my favorite local Cleveland t-shirt store) designed a few options for this St. Patty’s Day. Check out all of the C.L.E. Clothing options. I love the I (heart) CLE sports shirts and often wear them to Browns and Cavs game.







So get ready…Spring is right around the corner! Head into your favorite stores and pick up some options to get you out of that winter funk!

About Charlene Ann

Type A, City Dweller. Lover of all things CLE, bad pop music, coffee, reading, to-do lists and wine.
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4 Responses to Spring Can’t Come Soon Enough

  1. Christopher Myers says:

    I just wanted to say I appreciate the shout-out for the “token date” status revival. I can’t wait to hit the town up there again with you and reclaim our title as Best Dressed! Spring can’t come soon enough for us down here in Fort Wayne, either.

  2. Neci says:

    I feel bad that I’m only now getting to reading your blog for two reasons – #1. I promised to read it a while ago, and #2. It rocks (just like you!). And now I will be going shopping after seeing your suggestios!
    I also am obsessed with North Face after moving back up here. It is FREEZING! I adore the jackets with the thumb hole. A tad emo, yes, but I love them regardless. Also, we have already discussed our mutual adoration for Express. And my closet is also mostly black and I’m wearing all black/grey today despite and because Spring is almost around the corner. (Is it acceptable to continue wearing wool slacks in the Spring? When we still endure 30 degree weather?)

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