Ricky Vaughn – Pull Yourself Together

Honestly, how can I not blog about the insanity otherwise known as Charlie Sheen? I’ll admit it…I’ve been sucked into the drama. But how can you not? Everytime I turn on the TV there’s an interview with him and/or about him. He’s suing Warner Bros., his soon to be ex-wife, his past girlfriends – it’s constantly something.

Of course, this has started to feed into office conversation. The last two days in particular, during lunch, I’ve discussed with co-workers the soap opera known as Charlie Sheen’s day to day life. Who has he offended today? Who are the girls living with him…I mean, the goddesses? Where are his children’s mothers? Who is his publicist and how would you deal with him? And why is his one nostril bigger than the other?

Today’s conversation though included an in depth conversation regarding, the Theories of What the Hell is Going on with Charlie Sheen. By the end of the conversation four theories had been decided upon.

Theory #1: The years of drug and alcohol abuse have finally caught up with Charlie. Important brain cells have been destroyed and he really has absolutely no idea what he is saying and/or doing. I also added in that it’s very possible that Charlie contracted syphillis from one of the many porn stars he’s slept with and that can also be a reason why he has experienced severe brain damage.

Theory #2: Charlie knows that he is dying. Death is right around the corner. Instead of being scared, he’s embracing it and going out with a bang. Expect 24 hour CNN coverage if this is the case. It’ll be similar to when Britney Spears was removed to her home a couple of years ago.

Theory #3: Charlie is experiencing a Jessie Spano moment. Who will be his Zach Morris?

Theory #4: This is all a plot by Emilio Estevez. He knows that Charlie is on a downward spiral. He’s planning on using this time though to win back and bring back Paula Abdul’s career. Paula will be singing “Rush, Rush” at the funeral.

Any other theories on the demise of Charlie Sheen? Is he on something? Is this the real Charlie?

I just want Ricky Vaughn back.

Wild Thing, You Make My Heart Sing.

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