The Start of a Fun Season

My favorite thing about Cavs season? It literally can extend all four seasons. Especially with this team that we have.

So when Friday’s home opener finally rolled around, I was beyond excited. I took the day off (again this year) to run errands and mentally prepare for all that the Cavs would have in store for this year’s home opener. I knew after last year, that it was going to be fun and after the way we’ve been playing, that chances were good that no matter the score, we were going to enjoy watching the team on the court. (Plus…Kevin Love Body Issue…duh.)

First things first: some Hodge's Punch.

First things first: some Hodge’s Punch.


As a new season ticket holder for the Cavs, I have to say that I’ve been beyond impressed with the experience every step of the way. From my first Wine & Gold United Members Meeting, to my orientation packet to the lovely team shop staff who gave me my discount despite the fact that I forgot my ID badge. The Cavs are serious about giving their fans the best possible experience. Throw in the fact that the Cavs are playing amazing right now and we had a win on Friday night and it’s safe to say that Twitter and I had the best time on Friday.


What you don’t see in this picture? The “Taylor Swift” style bracelets that were handed out to all fans, color coordinated to the action of the game – including the National Anthem, the intro video, time-outs and the BoB concert that was at halftime.

Game 1 of my 22-game season ticket package was the start of what’s going to be a very very fun season.


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