Bed Head Be Gone

I really wish I had the secret for not having bed head in the morning. Mostly because I wish I didn’t have to wake up early and immediately head to the shower to try and tame my mostly naturally wavy hair. I’m at this awkward phase of growing out my hair (I need just another 2-3 inches and I’ll be happy…TWSS…..).

Anyway, my friends over at Casper Mattress make innovative latex and memory foam mattresses (more on them soon) asked me to share my secrets for taming bed head. I have a few products and tricks up my sleeve when I just don’t have time in the morning to deal with my hair. **Also be sure to check out the Casper Mattress Facebook page!

The first being dry shampoo. Now, it’s taken me awhile to find a couple of products that I like but when I’m on my way out the door and my hair is mostly straight from the day/night before, dry shampoo saves my day. Perfect for Sunday brunch when rolling out to have mimosas with the girls!

This look brought to you by dry shampoo and 15 minutes of fighting with my hair.

This look brought to you by dry shampoo and 15 minutes of fighting with my hair.

I’ve dyed my hair more times than I can count over the past 12 years and because of that I have experienced a little bit of damage. Add a bit of Moroccan oil though to the ends, and my hair is good to go! (Both pre and post blow drying.)

The blondest my hair has been the past two years....

The blondest my hair has been the past two years….

And of course, the good old messy bun is always a go-to. Running late, don’t have time to straighten and blow dry? Just throw it up in a top knot or a messy bun (my hair isn’t quite long enough yet for the top knot).

image c/o Casper

image c/o Casper

Obviously, a good night’s sleep is important too. As someone that deals with insomnia on a regular basis, I know the importance of getting at least a few hours of sleep in. Casper is a new sleep start-up company, with a unique mattress made of latex and memory foam. The best part? There’s only one model so you won’t be confused by all of the options!The Casper sits to the right of medium firm- but the materials we’ve chosen for it allow it to responsively provide a great night’s sleep to people of all shapes and sizes.

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own, as usual. Casper just reached out asking for my “advice” when it comes to bed head! 

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