Am I in Cleveland?

I’m pretty sure I asked that question multiple times to Kimberly as we sat and had a lovely multi-course meal at Chef Sawyer’s Trentina Family and Friends dinner. I don’t want to spoil the surprise about all of the amazing food that you can get when you go to Trentina so pictures will be limited here but the experience is unlike any other in the city. Kimberly and I were able to eat at some of the most amazing food and experience a location unlike any other, including our experiences in New York City.


From the moment you walk in the door, you know you are going to experience something special. From the details like the MOCA Chandelier to the painting of the woman that represents Trentina to the small details like the wine glasses and flowers, you can feel the love and passion Team Sawyer put into the space. (And let’s not even talk about the fabulous bathrooms.)



The food is unique in the sense that it’s a Menu Bianco (tasting menu). The two guests each get a coursed out meal that is different but allows you the ability to share. I will say this…Kimberly and I did not share with one another. The best part – we’ve already discussed going back so we could try what the other had. The approximately 2 hour meal was paced perfectly and allowed Chef Sawyer to come out and mingle with guests, sharing about the dish as it was brought out.




When Chef spoke about the dishes, you could see the excitement and passion in his eyes and it was….special. That’s really the only word I can use. Everything about this little space in University Circle is special and a great reminder of how lucky we are to have Team Sawyer in Cleveland.

Cheers Chef and Amelia on a space that truly represents all you are as people, Clevelanders, friends and family!

Note: Trentina opens today! Call for a reservation or visit the Trentina website!

Disclosure: I was invited to the Friends and Family preview of Trentina. All opinions are my own. 

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