Girl Chat, Bubbles and Dancing

Sometimes you just need a week filled with catching up with great girlfriends (oh and JK too).

My friend Jess and I went to HS together and somehow our lives weaved back together and now her hubby and I are coworkers (which is so much fun). And that also gives us the opportunity for the hubby to take the boys and Jess and I to head to happy hour. We may have created an agenda to review over gin and then wine and some bites at Crop. And we may have stayed there for 5 hours until they dimmed the lights and turned the music off. Oops….

Of course Jess did my makeup for my work photos....

Of course Jess did my makeup for my work photos….

Smoked Lemonade. Dangerous.

Smoked Lemonade. Dangerous.

Thursday, for the NBA draft, while I was coming off of a killer caffeine hangover (I wish I were kidding) JK, Reshae and I headed to Rocky River for beers, drinks and some delicious food. We chatted boys (aka JK gave me boy advice), cheered on the Cavs and caught up on life.

Friday, Kimberly and I were both excited to be heading to Grapes and Ale for Our Lady of the Wayside at Progressive Field. After a quick change, we headed downtown for VIP, enjoying the view at Progressive Field, we wandered around the concourse tasting yummy food and delicious wines. We stuck with prosecco mostly and enjoyed a night of bubbles. Post-event, we sat on the patio of Lolita in Tremont, enjoyed some small bites and chatted about life. Just a relaxing, fun filled night after a crazy week.


We love Bethenny. Duh.

We love Bethenny. Duh.

Saturday, my best friend Shaunte and I had a night out planned for approximately six months. Dinner at Fahrenheit gave us the perfect chance to just chat and catch up on life…work, her kids, boys, just life in general. A shot from Rocco and we were on our way to dance the night away at Bruno Mars. We danced, we laughed, we had drinks and we cried. All in all, a needed night out with a friend.


This is what happens when Shaunte is in the city...someone hates city drivers.

This is what happens when Shaunte is in the city…someone hates city drivers.

What were you up to in CLE this weekend?

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