Trentina CLE

I think at this point, we all are aware of how lucky we are in CLE to have Jonathon and Amelia Sawyer. Talk about two people that love this city deeply. And we all know how awesome their restaurants are.

Currently the Sawyers are prepping to bring more awesomeness to CLE – this time with Trentina Cleveland. And if you haven’t heard about Trentina yet, you need to. This time the Sawyers are doing it on their own. And with these two you know you are going to have a fabulous place to go to in Cleveland –  and I’m sure it will be unlike any other restuarant in town. The cool part – you can get involved (if you haven’t yet).

You see, the Sawyers are using Kickstarter to get Trentina up and running. I’m excited to be backing these two and their new endeavor. I’m loving the different “gifts” that you will receive with each level (um…I’m going to be able to cook with Chef Sawyer – WHAT?!)

I’m hoping you will consider backing this family and continue to support them by visiting their restaurants (especially Trentina!)

Disclaimer: I’m friends with the Sawyers and am excited to be backing them with Trentina. 

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