The Week In Review

Phew. It’s been a cray cray two weeks and the next two weeks are going to be even more insane. Not to mention the Olympics have been pretty much on my TV whenever I’m home and well, I’m obsessed (but slightly disappointed in the results from the US Speedskating team. What is going on with those kids?!?)

So what have I been up to? Well, I went back to blonde! (Thank you Tina at Charles Scott Salon for helping to slowly transition my hair back to a healthy blonde. I can’t speak highly enough of the services that this salon provides – more on that at a later date!)

I got to hang out with some awesome bloggers at the Love Lago Blogger Event.

I grabbed some drinks with friends to get out of a foul mood. Hot pink drinks immediately help any mood.

Pour me another.

Pour me another.

I got to see some friends when they visited my work to judge our annual Chili Cook-off and Sweets Bake-off.

Westfield and I

Westfield and I

Timmay and I

Timmay and I

Of course Sam won. Also - try to take a conference call seriously when someone is wearing a chef hat during it.

Of course Sam won. Also – try to take a conference call seriously when someone is wearing a chef hat during it.

I enjoyed a lovely Thursday night being pampered by my friend (since 1997!!) Jessica at Bobbi Brown getting a make-up trial for JBB with Kimberly. Grabbing a small bite to eat and drinks had to happen, along with plenty of girl chat. I heart these ladies.

And I spent a Saturday pampering myself – lots of errands, a facial, a dress for the ADDYs, new shoes, some new makeup and clothes shopping.

A Little Party...

A Little Party…

Now…it’s time to prep for a crazy (hopefully fun) week ahead. It’s the 2013-2014 AAF ADDY Awards on Thursday and Saturday is my favorite CLE event – Jump Back Ball 23!

Disclosures: 1. I’m a Charles Scott Brand Ambassador, all opinions are my own though. I wouldn’t keep going back if they didn’t do an awesome job. 2. I’m a social media consultant for Lago. 3. I’m not required to post anything for work…but the chili cook-off was a good time. 4. I’m the 2013-2014 ADDYs Co-Chair for AAFCLE. 5. I’m a blogger for Playhouse Square’s Jump Back Ball but again – all opinions are my own and it’s seriously always been a favorite event of mine.

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