It’s That Time

Every four years I get unbelievably excited for the Olympics – specifically the Winter Games. It’s on my bucket list to attend one year. I’m already counting down till the Opening Ceremony (where I’ll be once again hosting my party to bring in the Games). My favorite events to watch are any of the speedskating ones (both long and short track).

And one of my favorite things about the games (besides watching the actual events and hearing the athlete stories) is the P&G ad campaign. Immediately I pretty much start sobbing and this year’s campaign is no different.

Also – the Raising the Olympian series…just stop. Pass the tissues. I love this one about J.R. Celski (watch for him in the short track speedskating events).

Are you as obsessed with the Olympics as I am? (I’m not going to lie…when I had thyroid cancer 4 years ago – almost to the day – it was during the Olympics which meant I was able to lay on the couch almost the entire two weeks watching all of the events.)

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  1. Totally! I can’t wait!!! Let the Games begin!

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