Beers, Shopping and Friends

Pretty much the title sums up the long weekend that I had. Having a half day meant that I had plenty of time to hit up the Express 50% off sale…let’s not even talk about the damage I did there. That evening I was able ot meet up with friends that I haven’t been able to catch up with in awhile. Dinner at Hodge’s, Cavs game (let’s not discuss how that ended), Horseshoe Casino, Lights at the Casino and Corner Alley for bowling. That made for a fun filled night before Thanksgiving. Remember when the night before Thanksgiving was all about bar hopping? I’m totally cool with that not happening anymore, especially when I have nights like Wednesday.

Jamie and her warm/hot cider.

Jamie and her warm/hot cider.

Post-family Thanksgiving, Friday was filled with finished Christmas decorating (which was almost all done last weekend) and plenty of time with friends. I’m not really one that ventures too far from Downtown or Cleveland, and somehow I managed to end up in Akron one night and North Ridgeville the next.


Friday night, Monina and I traveled to Akron to check out the Akron Holiday Pop-Up shop that my friend Kevin from studiokmr set up. Local vendors have plenty of great Christmas gift options. In one stop, I was able to pick up a quite a few gifts, maybe including another one of Kevin’s pieces for my house. Check out the awesome piece that Kevin did for my office:

This picture doesn't even do the canvas!

This picture doesn’t even do the canvas justice….love!

Mo and I grabbed dinner, which included lots of laughs, at Crave in Akron, meeting up with Tim and Kevin for post-show drinks and hanging out. Who knew that Akron was such a happening city?!

Take #10?

Take #10?

The Richards Brothers + Akron + Drinks = a great Friday night.

The Richards Brothers + Akron + Drinks = a great Friday night.

Saturday, in order to really deal with my hangover, I continued with day drinking and watching the OSU game with my best friend and her family. I absolutely love hanging out with this girl and our time together always promises lots of laughs and good talks. And in just two short weeks, we’ll be doing that again but at the Justin Timberlake concert. Saturday night included some time with my dear dear friend Anna at FeeFest46. It’s always great to catch up with good people and have a night of laughs.

Beers. Buckeyes. Besties.

Beers. Buckeyes. Besties.

And Sunday includes this view, catching up on reading and writing and prepping for a couple weeks of work before a nice little break at the end of the month. And you know what….this sounds like an absolutely perfect day. How’d you spend your long weekend?


p.s. Happy Happy Birthday to my friend (and biz associate) Chris Hodgson! I’m lucky to have you as a friend and can’t wait to see what the next big thing is for you!

Happy to catch up with this great friend! So proud of him!

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