Summertime Weekends

I’m not going to lie to you or to myself. The last two weeks were sorta rough. Lots of hours, not much sleep and added stress did not help my mood. I was happy that the weekends though have been full of time with friends, even if I didn’t catch up on sleep like I really wanted to (helllooo – I’m a girl with a thyroid disorder, we like our sleep!)

Events included: Being joined by two close friends/coworkers Tierney and Rachel, for a play at Cleveland Public Theatre on a Friday evening. If you’ve read this blog before, you know I’m a big supporter of the arts. I was involved throughout high school and college in the arts and know what a difference it’s made in my life. While this play wasn’t my particular cup of tea, CPT is still an important part of Cleveland and Gordon Square and I was happy to offer my support. Plus CPT is within walking distance of so many great bars and restaurants and that gave us the opportunity to check out Toast. Like I said, it was a long week which meant bubbles happened.

image c/o CPT

image c/o CPT

I was able to visit with my friends Mark Zinni and Elisa Amiga at FOX8 while they offered their support of BvBCLE. Post-shopping at Legacy Village, I was invited to a Pinterest worthy bridal shower for my coworker and friend Caroline. I kid you not, Caroline’s sister should go into business. Everything was perfectly coordinated with the wedding colors and just felt like Caroline. I cannot wait for this wedding and am so happy for Caroline and Tim!

Polka dots, gold and bright colors. All things Caroline.

Polka dots, gold and bright colors. All things Caroline.


Lucky that we're not just coworkers, but also friends.

Lucky that we’re not just coworkers, but also friends.

After a morning of volunteering at the Kidney Walk last Sunday, brunch was in the cards and I was joined by Erini and Joe for a Tremont Taphouse, patio brunch complete with great convos and mimosas. Which like I said, were needed.

Sunday night’s have become Hodge’s nights and I can’t say I mind. With Chris competing on Food Network’s Next Food Network Star, I’ve been joining the team for watch parties which have been awesome. Its hilarious to watch Hodge twitch as the show plays, but also endearing to see how much Cleveland loves Hodge.

The Hodge Fan Club

The Hodge Fan Club

But seriously, Food Network, can’t we make this show a little bit earlier? I’m too old to be out till well after 10pm on a Monday night.

Well CLE, how have your weekends been so far this summer?

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