Summertime Flicks

One of my favorite high school/college summer memory was Tuesday movie nights. Every single Tuesday a group of my friends would meet up at the local AMC Theater for a movie and free popcorn and pop (we were young…easy to please). During the school year we were all busy with extracurriculars (soccer, “Singers” and a million school clubs for me), so in the summer those Tuesday nights were special. It was time with people that may not normally get to hang out with – especially when two-a-days started for the football and soccer teams. We took turns picking the movie and after would always end up hanging out for hours, talking and creating awesome memories.

My favorite year of LW Women's Soccer - the first women's soccer team at my HS.

My favorite year of LW Women’s Soccer – the first women’s soccer team at my HS.

Fast forward to post-college, this tradition lasted a year or so. The group changed and it was often me and the guys so needless to say my “chick flick” selections never really happened.

But those Tuesday nights were some of my favorites. When I drive by that particular theater, those feelings of “home” and memories always flood back. It’s usually something small like walking from our HS parking lot to the theater, or going to Malley’s for ice cream after, or sitting on the hill in the park across from the theater/our HS talking about the upcoming year, classes, who’s dating who, or how my BFF was.

Maybe that’s why I enjoyed the movie Kings of Summer so much. It truly was a film about friendships. Those friendships sometimes change, but at the end of the day, there are certain friends that you know will always be there and be a part of your life.


Filmed in Ohio (yay!), during the movie you see certain locations throughout areas of Northeast Ohio (Chagrin Falls, Berea), that you will immediately recognize.

I think we all had those moments in your teenage years where you wanted nothing more than to run away. Kings of Summer takes that concept and brings it to life when three friends runaway, build their own home and work through difficult relationships.

Personally, I loved the humor throughout the movie and more than once me and my girl friends that I went with, were laughing and looking at each other knowing that we all love some of those awkward situations. Plus I honestly just love Megan Mullally.

If you are looking to get away, reminisce and see some great Northeast Ohio locations, make sure to mark your calendar this summer to see The Kings of Summer!

Disclosure: I was invited to attend a pre-screening of The Kings of Summer. I received no additional compensation and as always, all opinions are my own. 

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