A WSM Celebration

Like a little rain was going to stop Clevelanders from coming out and celebrating the 100th year of the West Side Market. Yes, I joined with many other Clevelanders to celebrate the Centennial. The celebration included a parade, vendors lining West 25th and, for the first time in a decade, the Market was open on a Sunday. Needless to say, the day was set up for a Sunday Funday.

image: wsm100.org

While originally, I had plans to lay low at the Market with a friend, that quickly changed after meeting up with another group of friends. Brunch at Touch Supper Club was followed by a quick walk in the rain and cold over to SOHO for an afternoon of hot apple cider with rum (totally a clutch move there), Browns, laughs and just good times with great people. And to think the Browns were off to such a great start….(not that I was surprised at the outcome…I know, that sounds bad). One of the best parts of the day? Running into so many great friends who were all out celebrating the 100th!

Afternoon drinks with Catie and Joe G

hot apple cider. good friends. good food. sunday funday.

Post-SOHO included a stop for some beers at Nano Brew and one more at ABC the Tavern where I was able to finally meet Katherine from Q104 in real life.

Such a fun day with this girl (and a photo bomb in the background…)

Finally met!

And now the countdown begins for the West Side Market Gala (even though I don’t have a dress yet…)

image: freshwatercleveland.com

Happy 100th West Side Market! Looking for many, many more years and visits to the Market!

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