Friday Night Football

I went to a small private high school in a suburb of Cleveland. Seriously small. As in a graduating class of 65 small. But I loved every minute of it. I loved my class, met The BFF there and had the opportunity to be play on the first girls soccer team for the school.

That said, my favorite time of the school year was without a doubt Fall. Nothing made me happier than Friday night football. Let me rewind. My first two years at my little private high school, we had not such a great football field with no lights. I mean that – none. That meant Saturday afternoon football games. Not nearly as exciting. So once those stadium lights went in after years of capital campaigning for the school for a new field, I was beyond thrilled. Friday night football was what we did. Post-class, there was typically a run to the old Westgate Mall (located directly behind our school), face painting and sign making and heading over to the field to watch our boys in Red and White.

That first game with lights is by far one of my favorite memories. A pig roast started the evening off, I was part of the “elite” choir that was able to sing the National Anthem (to a stadium packed with friends, family and alumni) and we sat on the field after the game to watch fireworks. The perfect start to my senior year, obvi.

I still love our CLE High School Football scene. I always try to go to at least one game at my high school (remember – small which means we all still know each other, which means 75% of us are at least at the Homecoming game). There’s nothing quite like a Friday night under the lights.

(Don’t think I wasn’t going to post this after I saw it. Kudos to FOX8 Cleveland for having one of the best Friday night football shows in town.)

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