A Night at Hodge’s Cleveland

What do you do when your week isn’t off to the best start? Well, luckily I already had plans with some lovely ladies at my favorite restaurant Downtown. Jen, Kimberly and I had made plans weeks ago – literally. Between all of our schedules, we had to plan a couple weeks in advance. Nadine was the obvious perfect choice for our 4th person for a girls evening out.

Kelly Ann hates this picture but I don’t care. I love these girls. Jen, Kimberly, KA, me and Nadine.

What do you get when you put four bloggers at a table together? (And Kelly Ann came to join us post-work!) Well, lots of laughter, serious story-telling, advice giving and lots more laughter (oh and a lot of food and wine…). Like I said, the week wasn’t off to the start I wanted but within 15 minutes of sitting outside on the Hodge’s patio with these ladies, my mood was instantly lifted.

Hodge’s is my favorite Cleveland restaurant. The original reason we chose Hodge’s was a. it’s downtown b. it’s Navy Week (which may have caused inappropriate yelling/whistles down Euclid Avenue) and c. The 2 for $40 deal every Tuesday. An app, two entrees and a bottle of wine for $40. It’s an unbelievable deal and you really cannot go wrong with that menu.

Heart you KA!

The balls are our favorite!

We were sold after with those three facts and were happily ready for the evening. But a certain chef surprised us and spoiled us rotten the entire night (Thank you Chris!) Plate after plate (glass of wine after glass of wine), the entire evening was perfect. And seriously that steak and halibut needs to be on the menu ASAP. If you haven’t visited Hodge’s Cleveland yet, get there now. Between the fabulous food, the awesome atmosphere and the exceptional service, you can’t go wrong with this Cleveland restaurant.

Hanger Steak – best in the city!

You should have heard the noises coming from our table after we each took a bite of this.

So this is only about half of the plates….

Thank you to those lovely ladies for a great night and to Chris for a fantastic evening of food, wine and conversation.

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Type A, City Dweller. Lover of all things CLE, bad pop music, coffee, reading, to-do lists and wine.
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5 Responses to A Night at Hodge’s Cleveland

  1. Jen @ Why CLE? says:

    Such a fabulous night! Great food, great wine, great company…couldn’t ask for more. Thanks to Hodge’s too for the extra goodies!

  2. MoninaW says:

    Wish I could have joined you!

  3. I think Chris could serve cold pork ‘n beans straight out of the can and I’d love them. He’s a doll!

  4. Smitten...in cleveland says:

    Perfect summer evening. The weather, company, and food was sublime.

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