Here We Go Brownies

Here we go!

We are literally weeks away from home opener and as usual, I’m totes excited! I cannot wait for this season and based on what I saw in preseason, I feel like this season really is going to be better.

As usual, I’m starting to prep my wardrobe for the upcoming season. Since I never know what player will stay or go, I’ve decided against purchasing a jersey this season (yes, I own about 5 jerseys that I can’t wear because the player was here for a season or two and then gone). I do have my go-to: Joe Thomas which I’m sure I’ll bust out for a few games.

I love the local t-shirt shops that have unique and fun Browns (and Cleveland) shirts and they are my go-to’s for the season. Plus check out these awesome bracelets my friends are selling (let me know if you are interested in some – only 2 for $4!).

Email me if you’d like a couple for the upcoming season!

C.L.E. Clothing Co. – My Go-To Shirt every season.

Hoodie is a MUST for later season games (C.L.E. Clothing Co.)

Phil Dawson – Our Go-To, Obvi. Fresh Brewed Tees is fab!

Love GV Art!

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4 Responses to Here We Go Brownies

  1. cleveland says:

    I need to get prepared!! Brownies shopping trip.

  2. KTOinCLE says:

    This makes me SO excited!!! Here we go, woof woof!

  3. tabitha says:

    i am so excited for this season. we’ll have to tailgate/hang out for the games — its my most favorite time of the year by far! chili cookoff for the bengals game! get your recipe ready. trophy to the winner! the bracelets are adorable … i think i need to get some. i need new apparel too — the orange go go boots are ready to go but i need new tops! i have sworn off jerseys (sent the brady quinn sh*t to denver when he was traded and let my friend discard it) … and now i have a hillis sweatshirt. no more players! anyhow, here we go brownies, here we go!!

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