Olympic Rings

I’m pretty sure I’ve stated before but I am a complete and utter sap. I don’t really know when this all started but I cry now at TV shows, commercials, articles and seriously, the Olympics.

It’s my favorite time of the year every two years. The Olympic Games – whether it’s summer or winter. Winter tends to be a little closer to my heart due to The BFF and the fact that the last Olympics included skaters that he coached (which made that so much more fun to watch).

I have yet to make it through watching anything Olympics-related without crying. The Olympic Gymnastics Trials….tears. The movie Miracle….sobbed. The P&G “Thank You Mom” commercials….well you probably can assume. I’m not sure what it is that does it to me about the Olympics. It may be knowing the back story of some of the Olympians. Understanding how hard they really do train. Understanding what they give up (friendships, a real “high school” experience, college, jobs, time with family….).

I’m throwing another Olympic Opening Ceremony Party this year (I had one in 2002 which I barely made it through due to tears, and again in 2006. Cancer caused me not to host one in 2010 but at least I was able to watch the entire Olympics). I’m sure my friends and coworkers will have a good laugh outta watching me cry the minute the Olympians walk in (though I usually am crying in the first few minutes with the montage of Olympians with their stories leading up to the games).

What’s your favorite Olympic sport/Olympian? Am I seriously the only one that can’t handle watching it sans tears?

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3 Responses to Olympic Rings

  1. KTOinCLE says:

    Promise I’ll be teary eyed too!
    I don’t have a favorite Olympian for this year…yet. I usually get too attached to a gymnast or runner.
    I’m really excited to watch some of the more offbeat events like ping pong or steeplechase but my consistent faves are diving, gymnastics, and track!

  2. MoninaW says:

    Is it wrong to say I just don’t get into the summer Olympics as much as the winter ones?

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