Things I Need To Learn

The thing I need to learn the most? Apparently I need to learn how to golf. There’s a few reasons for this.

The first – I’m the only girl on an all-guys account team. For the most part I can keep up with the boys. I teach them a few things too. Like how to properly use the following terms: btw, ftw, totes, perf, samies and twinsies.(For example, in conversation with my boss on Monday, I yell over – we have offices next to each other – “hey, I’m going to shoot that email over.” He replies “Perf!”, quite proud of himself. I also teach them a little about music. We all (almost all) have a love now for Carly Rae, Ke$ha and the Biebs. But, I need to pull myself together in the sports department. Yes, I can talk Browns, Cavs and Indians. But when it comes to golf and taking our clients golfing, I have no clue.

The other reason I want to learn – well…this Forbes article told me to. After reviewing the list with a couple coworkers, we realized I had all the other ones down except for #9b about golfing.

Of course, I’ll need pink clubs…

The nine rules women should follow according to Julie Steinberg:

  1. Work hard
  2. Do work no one else wants to do
  3. Cultivate the people in charge
  4. Know what you want and go for it
  5. Promote yourself legitimately
  6. Network with your peers
  7. Make your own career
  8. Leave to get ahead
  9. Dress well and play golf

So there it is. I’m going to learn how to play golf. Maybe not today, tomorrow or even this month. But I have a couple coworkers who are willing to teach me.

So wish me (and them) luck!

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3 Responses to Things I Need To Learn

  1. Jen @ Why CLE? says:

    I feel the same way about golf. A few years ago, a couple partners invited me to an outing. I went, hit a squirrel with a ball, and had to drive the cart the rest of the day. Lessons would be good…

  2. tabitha says:

    maybe we should take this up together. golf is always something i have wanted to learn. just have never gone through with paying for the lessons and all that … though i should warn you, while i do have my own clubs, used like three times maybe … so almost new … the last time they were used i hit my ex in the head (circa like 2000-ish or so), which resulted in stitches. and no thats not why we broke up … at the driving range getting a ‘lesson’ and had no idea he was behind me when i went to take a swing 😉 and to this day i still wonder why the columbus crew (who i was interning for) wouldnt actually let me play in the golf outing that year!!

    • lifeinthecle says:

      I just acquired a set of clubs and a bag (seriously – from a friend that reads the blog). So what I’m saying is, I’m in. One of my female coworkers offered to give lessons, as well as a couple other coworkers. I say we take them up on it. If nothing else, good blog content for us both 🙂

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