Crazy Life

I sense that this summer is going to be the same as the past two months. Busy, hectic, crazy…but also wonderful. The last week was again a crazy one filled with meetings upon meetings, early morning client meetings, lots of Starbucks trips, lots of laughs, an AAF Cleveland Young Professional Event, a trip to the new Horseshoe Casino (a must visit), the Indians game in some fantastic suite seats, a million errands and a wonderful weekend with some wonderful girl friends.

My dear friend Monina and I usually chat everyday. Due to the pure insanity of my work week last week we didn’t and we had a lot of catching up to do. Enter drinks and lunch at Crocker Park on the patio of B Spot. Laughs, analyzing our lives and advice giving is always one of my favorite ways to spend a gorgeous day outside. Post-lunch, my mom and I took a trip to the West Side Market. It always shocks me how little I spend and how much I get at WSM. Fresh fruit, veggies, chicken, bakery…all for less than $40. Amazing.

Sunday included a BvBCLE practice, where the girls and I perfected a few more plays, learned our defensive stance and more or less got ready to kick some Team Brunette butt. Don’t forget – I’m still looking for donations and would love for you to join us on June 16th!

Sunday evening was one of the better nights I’ve had. Julie, Nidhi and Kimberly joined me for drinks and dinner on the patio of Hodge’s Cleveland (yes I was back again) and then for “Come Fly Away” at Playhouse Square (remember – I won the tickets back at Jump Back Ball). We had loge seats which I’m now spoiled by. The play was fantastic. The dancers were amazing. And Frank Sinatra music to end the weekend? Perfection. I really could not have asked for better dates for the evening.

And now onto another insane week filled with more meetings, hopefully a catch up session with my friend Ryan from college who is in town, a girls night out with Caroline and Kelly and more prep for BvBCLE! Onto another week, kids!

About Charlene Ann

Type A, City Dweller. Lover of all things CLE, bad pop music, coffee, reading, to-do lists and wine.
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5 Responses to Crazy Life

  1. This really is your year! Enjoy every minute – you deserve it :o)

  2. Nidhizzle S says:

    Thanks again for the ticket! It was a blast 🙂

  3. tabitha says:

    loved this post charlene! served as a good reminder to appreciate everything … sometimes it really is the little things 🙂

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