A Sunday with Football

In the spring! What?!

Yep – today was our first BvBCLE practice. And I was so excited – not only to play football but also to meet some of the girls that are playing. And let’s just say our team is going to have a blast over the next few weeks while we prep for the game on June 16th.

We practiced today at Force Sports Complex in Rocky River (which ironically is where my after-prom was back in 2001). After a quick run down of the rules and meeting our teammates and coaches, it was time for some drills. I hadn’t played football since college but our coaches are amazing and gave us all some great tips.

And while yes, our team currently is smaller than the brunettes, don’t think that Team Blonde isn’t ready for the competition. We have awesome coaches and will spend the next few weeks getting prepped to show up on the 16th.

Post-practice beers and lunch was called for at Rocky River Brewing Company. It was great to get to meet some new friends and catch up with others.

So while the Browns may have just made their draft picks (which I like some and dislike one), Team Blonde is on the field getting ready!

Note: There’s still time to join our team – join soon so you can make all the practices and get to meet our team! And consider donating here

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  1. Such lovely pics (hehe) and fun times yesterday. Go #TeamBrunette!! 😉

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