Where To Begin?

I called it. Best weekend ever. And I don’t even know where to begin. I have lots to write about including good news from Thursday, a fabulous Friday, and living out my rock star dreams at The Rock Hall Induction on Saturday. Too much for just one post.

My weekend actually got started on Thursday. I took half a day to get some appointments out of the way, including my least favorite – the thyroid cancer doctor appointment. These happen every 6 months, with 4 appointments for blood work during the year and another 2 for ultrasounds. That’s right – for the past two years I’ve been to one doctor 8 times a year. Thank Jesus for insurance. In prep for the appointment, I also scheduled a spray tan after to cheer me up. That’s how much I dread these appointments. But surprise! Appointments will only be once a year as my doctor officially said I’m cancer free and don’t need to stress anymore. He gave me the go ahead to just stay on my day to day medication and just be aware if I feel any symptoms but said the likelihood of the cancer returning is very very very slim. Yay! So I not only treated myself to a spray tan, but also to a new dress from Express.

Friday was my actual birthday and I totes felt the love. Thanks so much to all my twitter/facebook/real life friends for all the shoutouts! I was fortunate to be able to celebrate at lunch with my account team and work friends where we laughed a ton and they, of course, embarrassed me by having the “torch” brought out.

Post-work a group headed over to grab dinner at Great Lakes Brewing Company, cause let’s be honest – if I didn’t eat, there was a strong shot I wouldn’t make it past 10pm. Thanks to Roommate, her hubby, SmitteninCLE and her hubby, Joe, Adam, Cody, Sam, Madeline and Candice for all the birthday love! Drinks continued at Riverwood where some past and current co-workers, high school friends, Alana and Dean joined in (happy you both put pants on to come join).

(Thanks for having my back there Alana – ha!)

Roommate kept track throughout the night of the drink consumption…which I was reminded of Saturday morning when I rolled over and saw it on my hand. Let’s just say I was hurting on Saturday and realized that I can’t party the way I did when I was 21.

Saturday will get it’s own post because the Rock Hall Induction was just that amazing. I really don’t even know how I’ll begin to describe it but tune in this week as I attempt to.

So here we go year 29 – let’s do this.

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Type A, City Dweller. Lover of all things CLE, bad pop music, coffee, reading, to-do lists and wine.
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3 Responses to Where To Begin?

  1. Jill says:

    Um, I love the drink-count-on-the-hand idea. How am I just finding out about this? B/c I feel like it’s one of those, “duh, everybody has known about it for years, except Jill” sort of things. This would have been helpful in college – for the hubby, not me of course.

    Anyway, sounds like you had a well-deserved, crazy night!

  2. lifeinthecle says:

    I had a beer count on one hand…shots count on the other. And Saturday morning the count also ended up on my face from sleeping, ha! In college, my roommate kept track on a tank top she made me for my 21st (I was the baby in my group of friends…last to turn 21 so it was a huge deal – like as in she sent flyers around campus with the week’s events…I kid you not).

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