Are you a PR Pro?

So PR Daily recently reposted this blog from earlier the year and when I reread it, I realized my life has become this. Just a few of the ones that stick out to me are the following (chime in fellow PR/Advertising/Marketing Pros and tell me which ones you fall into):

1. Your day starts and ends with a cup of coffee. – Ain’t that the truth. Usually it’s two to three cups a day and Starbucks knows my morning and afternoon drink schedule. 

2. You can power-walk in 5-inch heels with your laptop bag while checking your BlackBerry. – True story but rather than a BlackBerry it’s my iPhone. 

3. Inside jokes with your colleagues will get you through the day—especially the insanely stressful ones. – Thank the heavens I adore my coworkers cause there are days I really would not get through without some of our jokes or quick “That’s what she said” one-liners. 

4. You are so used to putting the client first that you usually forget to eat lunch. – This happens way more often than it should. I need to work on this.

5. You can toggle among a PowerPoint presentation, a press release, Twitter strategy, and PSA outlines—all in an hour. – Absolutely. Gotta do what you gotta do! 

6. You recite billing codes in your sleep. – This happens. And I often add up my hours and coworkers hours based on their billable rate to make sure that I’m within budget…occasionally while sitting in meetings.

7. You preface Happy Hour with: “Sorry, I need to keep my phone on the table. I have to be connected to email and phone just in case.” – I actually don’t do this one, mostly because my friends that I’m at Happy Hour with already know this is going to happen, or that they will be doing the same. 

8. You proudly put “PR pro” in your Twitter bio, knowing it’s the one place you don’t have to explain your job. – True story. 

9. “Relax” time is in the shower when you always seem to come up with the best PR pitches. (Source) – What? There’s no way I’m the only one! 

10. After your coffee, you spend 20 minutes deleting Google Alerts of clients, competitors, and everything in between. (Source) – Usually this is done before I leave the house. 

11. You start your day by digging out of client and competitor alerts and checking email, all before you’re out of bed. (Source) – Usually done while laying in bed, before turning on the news and hopping in the shower. 

12. You check HootSuite in the morning before you get out of bed just to monitor what has been said about your clients overnight. (Source) – If not first thing in the morning, this is done first thing when I walk into the office. 

13. You’re afraid to go more than 15 minutes (max) without checking Twitter/Facebook/news feeds to make sure you’re not missing anything. (Source) – Typically all of these are up on my computer screen while working.

14. You rely on to-do lists (yes, plural) to get you through your day, but often don’t get to cross anything off until 4 p.m. (after managing a few surprise crises). (Source) – This is my life. Often. The daily to-do list isn’t usually done until early evening or the next day. 

15. You check your smartphone before brushing your teeth. (Source) Don’t act like you other PR/Advertising people don’t do the same thing.

16. Your friends think you’re crazy for your undeniable attachment to your social networks.  – Not completely true as most of my friends are the exact same way. 

17. Client’s products are decorations on your desk. – True, well at least some of the work we’ve produced. 

Alright PR/Advertising/Marketing Pros- which ones fall into your day to day life?

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2 Responses to Are you a PR Pro?

  1. A fun list where I recognize myself in many points! It’s good to know I’m not the only one who gets their creative juices flowing during shower time; I always get my best ideas there. Priceless. 🙂

    Jussi P. / The Outside View Blog

  2. Jen says:

    All of the above?? Story of my life.

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