My 2012 Chick Flick

Yes. I like my chick flicks. I recently saw the preview for this one and can’t lie – it’s going to be my must see this year. I’m sure I’ll need a box of tissues to make it through the movie but it looks too good not to see.

What’s your favorite chick flick? All time fave for me – When Harry Met Sally. If that’s not perfection I don’t know what is. Best friends make the best relationships, so I’ve been told.


About Charlene Ann

30Something, Type A, City Dweller. Lover of bad pop music, coffee, reading, bourbon, to-do lists, wine, trashy TV and Cleveland.
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One Response to My 2012 Chick Flick

  1. Laura Davies says:

    I don’t know if you mind watching subtitles or not, but this one film, The Heartbreaker with Vanessa Paradis is a great chick flic. Perfect for the lovely accents as well, funny and romantic, and she loves Dirty Dancing in it.

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