One of those days…

Have you ever had one of those days where everything is going really well and then in seconds, your whole day totally takes a turn?

Yeah, that’s how the last few days have gone for me.

So…needless to say, haven’t really been in the mood to blog though I promise I have some good ones in the que, if you will. The stress of a lot of changes going on all at once I think has finally hit me (changes to be discussed at a later date).

Hopefully this time next week, things will be much better when I am living in my new place.

In the meantime, I leave you with this lovely fact: Joe Thomas will be a Cleveland Brown until 2018. And that gives all of us a reason to smile.

About Charlene Ann

Type A, City Dweller. Lover of all things CLE, bad pop music, coffee, reading, to-do lists and wine.
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