Dear Me

I saw this on a friend’s blog and loved it.

Dear 14-year-old Charlene,

Welcome to one of the best times of your life. No, seriously. High school is going to be amazing. Try not to stress over the little things in life. Enjoy the fact that you know the senior quarterback of the football team. Take full advantage of that friendship.

Enjoy the new friendships you are about to create. Try out for the soccer team. Yes, the boys soccer team. You will meet a couple of girls there that will be your closest friends throughout high school and you will be able a part of your high school’s history as a member of the first women’s soccer team.

Don’t be so scared about your future. You will change your career path more than once but eventually, you will have your dream job in your favorite city.

Write. And write some more. This will one day become a passion and your lifeline. Don’t stop and don’t doubt your ability.

Go to the Friday basketball games, Saturday football games and every high school dance. Make memories that will last a lifetime. Enjoy the basketball team’s trips to regionals and states. You will laugh a lot, get to know the upperclassmen and develop the biggest crush on the basketball star.

Don’t worry too much about relationships, but let your heart get broken. There will be some rough relationships ahead but you will come out a stronger, more independent person because of it. One day you will know exactly who and what you are looking for in someone.

This year, in a silly class called Keyboarding, you will meet the person that will change your life and make you a better person – and not in the romantic sense. Don’t judge him just because he’s a fancy speedskater that gets to live away from home most of the year. When he turns around and asks if you watch “Dawson’s Creek”, don’t roll your eyes…because he is being completely 100% serious. It starts off as just a simple friendship over a simple show but it will be so much more…you will be family. Know that he will teach you more about being a friend four years from now that you could ever imagine. You will need to be there for him in some dark days, but know that he will return the favor to you…9 years later. Trust his word and defend him when others tear him apart. Respect his decisions and be a shoulder for him to cry on. And don’t be so scared to trust him…he’s one of the good guys that will turn out to be your best friend and big brother.

Trust your gut. Tear down boundaries every once in a while – you will be glad you did. Ask for forgiveness and give it. Stop putting up walls. Be independent – that quality others will recognize one day and reward. Don’t be scared to speak up. And if along the way, you make a mistake…don’t worry because 14 years later, life is looking pretty good.

Your 28-year-old self

p.s. Enjoy college – you will meet some people who will change your life for the good there too.


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Type A, City Dweller. Lover of all things CLE, bad pop music, coffee, reading, to-do lists and wine.
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