Be Inspired

I’m a words girl. I love writing – always have. The word inspiration or inspire has always been one of my favorites. It’s in my house. My office. Notepads and pens. I like to be reminded of that word often.

And Saturday, my whole day was spent being inspired. After picking out my perfect Summer Solstice outfit (more coming on that), I went down to Ohio City to visit Valerie Mayen’s “The Yellowcake Shop Pop-Up Shop“. The minute I walked in, I was inspired. Valerie’s design aesthetic is amazing and the shop was a true testament to her and her personality. Her accessories are adorable and there are at least two dresses and skirts that I feel are must haves in my closet. If you haven’t checked out Yellowcake yet, I highly suggest it (plus she has a cupcake and milk bar – LOVE).

For a little more on Valerie, check out her speech from TEDxCLE. Two things that I love about this: Valerie’s perspective on community and her genuine, heart-wrenching and brutal honesty. When she spoke of her own personal community and her own personal fear and desire (which is the same as mine), I was brought to tears.

Post Yellowcake, it was time to get ready and meet up with my group going to the Summer Solstice Party…aka the BEST party in Cleveland. The party that kicks off the summer season. And also the party with the BEST people watching Cleveland has to offer. As of last night, I heard that more than 4,000 people attended. Somehow in the midst of all those people, I happened to run into a few of my favorite bloggers, Cleveland’s a Plum and CLE Shopaholic (yet somehow I managed not to run into Happy in CLE…) and Valerie Mayen.

The fashion was fantastic (speaking of, check out how Valerie suggested I style my dress – the pin is from Yellowcake – which received fab reviews from Cleveland Scene’s fashion editor!), the food and drinks were delish.

The music was exactly what you would want to hear at the Cleveland Art Museum. Plus, walking around the museum at night is one of the best experiences you can have. I can’t speak highly enough of this event. I’m already counting down until next year. Add Summer Solstice to my list of things that I love about the CLE! (Below are some pics from the Art Museum’s Twitter Account, as I was a bad blogger and didn’t take many pictures.)

(Note: I loved this band! They had everyone dancing, include these two adorable senior citizens that were standing near us!)

(Video being projected on the outside walls of the art museum)

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