That’s a Wrap

Why do weekends go so quickly? I’m seriously curious over that especially after an awesome weekend. I actually took some PTO Friday afternoon so had a little bit of an extended weekend with a visitor from Fort Wayne. So of course, I had to show off my city a little bit.

Friday: Hit up B Spot Burgers in Strongsville. Yes, just as good as the one in Eton that I was at last week. It just intensifies my Michael Symon crush when I go to his restaurants.

Post dinner we headed to the Gordon Square District and to one of my favorite bars where one of my favorite bartenders (Harrison) works: XYZ the Tavern. I have yet to have a negative experience at XYZ and love going back for new drinks or to try more of their delicious menu.

Saturday was a jam packed day (which included breakfast…thanks Chris!) We headed off to the annual Duct Tape Festival, watched the parade and visited with some lovely coworkers.

Then we headed off to somewhere I seriously have not been since either middle school or high school, the Cleveland Museum of Art. Can I just say, what is wrong with me? I absolutely loved the museum and really we could have probably spent hours and hours there.

I really think I need to plan another visit in the near future, not to mention hitting up some other museums in Cleveland. Maybe even the Cleveland Orchestra this summer? Anyone want to join?

Saturday night included a gorgeous night on East 4th (which everyone knows is one of my favorite places in the CLE).

And now we’re back to Sunday and I’m mentally attempting to prepare for the work week ahead, which will include my first client trip (a road trip with one of my coworkers….I’m thinking a country mix will need to be played at some point).

To end the wonderful weekend off: my new country summer song – Jake Owen’s “Barefoot Blue Jean Night”. This song just feels like a cold beer, sun, baseball, driving with my sunroof open and bonfires with friends. Summer is already going too quickly…

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Type A, City Dweller. Lover of all things CLE, bad pop music, coffee, reading, to-do lists and wine.
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2 Responses to That’s a Wrap

  1. Christopher Myers says:

    Definitely could have stayed at that museum all day! Thank you again for exactly the kind of weekend I needed! A repeat is a must I’d say…as long as you can remain as willing to be spontaneous as you were this past one! 🙂

  2. _Neci_ says:

    Sounds like you guys has super busy and fun weekend!!! I can’t wait to visit the CLE, esp bc you’ve gotta be the best tour guide EVER!

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