I’ve been a bad blogger the past week. I apologize! Life has been stressful. Family issues and what not. (Additional note: This blog has taken me at least 2 hours to write due to the Mavs/Heat game. CavsForMavs.)

But I’m back and feeling good after a fun, eventful weekend. I have more deep thoughts to post about but not feeling that tonight. I mean it took me a good 6 hours today to get some cleaning and laundry done. Deep thoughts – just not there.

So Friday, my coworker Sean (happyinCLE) and I went to visit our good friend Lisa at her fabulous new job. She works in PR for Stark Enterprises and we went to B Spot for dinner at Eton. I haven’t been to Eton in awhile so it was great to see the new stores opening, as well as restaurants.

To start with: B Spot…FABULOUS! I’ve admitted it – I have a little crush on Michael Symon. I mean, he’s just so cute with that laugh. And after eating at B Spot, I’m in love. The burgers were fantastic, fries were great and the milkshakes were to die for! Awesome job B Spot!

We enjoyed walking around, laughing and the gorgeous Cleveland weather. Of course, Lisa was a fabulous tour guide! Can’t wait to go back to Eton (potentially this week for the VIP opening of the Dr. Seuss art show).

Saturday was just as busy as the rest of the week has been. I participated in the Olmsted Falls Relay for Life event as a survivor where I was able to walk the Survivor Lap and meet some awesome community members. If you have never attended or participated in a Relay, let me tell you it is by far one of the most emotional fundraisers you can attend. The survivor lap is emotional, as well as the luminary lap where people remember those that have passed away due to cancer.

Saturday evening my country side came out at the Indians Music Festival, featuring Blake Shelton and Brad Paisley. And for this concert, I went country including wearing the cowboy hat. It was a fabulous concert and the rain held off.

Today, my motivation level not so high but at least I’m watching the Mavs win this Finals game and I seriously feel as though the Cavs are playing this game. So much for going to bed early.

Blog more this week, promise!


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Type A, City Dweller. Lover of all things CLE, bad pop music, coffee, reading, to-do lists and wine.
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