My Favorites for Summatime

Once May and/or June hits my calendar, it’s time to start shopping. And no, not just for clothes (though of course, I need some new summer clothes…like fun summer dresses and cute Express shorts and maxi dresses….and now I’ll stop). But there are quite a few products I insist on using throughout the summer, as far as beauty products go.

I’m almost completely Irish, naturally blonde with blue eyes…which also means super fair skin. Which means to tan, I need to spray tan. I’ve found an awesome spa which offers Tan with Kare. Options in Fairview Park does a great job and has reasonable pricing. And since I physically am unable to tan, I use sunscreen. And I use it pretty much everyday. Because if I don’t…it’s a painful experience that I really would rather not go through (not to mention, I’d prefer not to be wrinkly or deal with skin cancer – thyroid cancer was enough). My sunscreen of choice is usually Neutrogena UltraSheer…doesn’t feel caked on and smells much better than the usual sunscreens.

When it comes to the sun though, I love it. I love being outside and love being with friends outside. As I’ve mentioned, I’m naturally blonde. Look at any recent pics of me and you will see, I’m much closer to brunette these days. Yes, I have serious issues with dying my hair. I dye it often and highlight and lowlight my hair. But Aveda has the best product to protect my hair in from the summer sun – Sun Care Protective Mist. Really any Aveda sun product does a great job, but I’ve fallen in love with this mist. I also use the hair “cleanser” as well as the mask during the summer. It lasts almost the entire summer and has a great scent.

Another must, especially now that my hair is getting longer, is hair ties to pull my hair back when it’s hot outside. I recently discovered these hair coils which work perfectly. Messy ponytail tends to be my look of the season unless I’m sporting the Victoria Beckham bob (which I did 2 years ago).

A little unknown fact about me, I have curly/wavy hair. And with the heat, it tends to get ridiculous. Again, now that my hair is getting longer again this isn’t as much of an issue as it used to be. Thank you to Aussie Spray. I swear by this stuff. A teeny bit of gel (your choice) and spraying this throughout my hair after a shower and I’m good to go. Occasionally I throw back a headband just to control any loose pieces but including that, it takes me less than 10 minutes to get my curls under control and ready to go. Which sounds so much better than blowdrying and straightening my hair when it’s 110 degrees out.

But seriously folks, don’t forget to lather up this summer. No one really wants to deal with cancer of any type. Plus, do you really want to be wrinkly and old-looking before you turn 40?!

p.s. This girl is hanging out in the Indians Social Suite again on Friday. Look for updates from the suite via Twitter on Friday night! Indians, gorgeous weather, social suite and fireworks….perfect Friday nigh!

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Type A, City Dweller. Lover of all things CLE, bad pop music, coffee, reading, to-do lists and wine.
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2 Responses to My Favorites for Summatime

  1. Love your blog! Follow me too at

  2. sldisterhof says:

    I’m totally going to be calling up that tanning salon!

    Also, if you’re digging the beachy/wavy look, definitely check out Fekkai’s ‘Beach Waves Spray’. It smells divine and works like a charm! And it’s in the prettiest bright orange bottle!

    So jealous about the Social Suite! Can’t wait to hear all about it!

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