The Easter Intern

You know, just a typical day in the office. We gave him bunny ears, a cottontail made from Kleenex and a Duck Tape bowtie. And he was off, spreading Easter cheer.

First stop: The Creative Department
Second stop: The Hanna Building Elevator Lobby
Third stop: Visiting our Starbucks Friends
Little trip across Euclid
Final stop: Otto’s to visit some coworkers, enjoying lunch


About lifeinthecle

30 Something Advertising/PR/Marketing Young Professional living in and loving the CLE. Favorite things include the Cleveland Browns, Starbucks, deep conversations, volunteering, writing, social media, fashion and wine.
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3 Responses to The Easter Intern

  1. Neci says:

    Oh my… That poor, poor boy. I sincerely hope this is a PAID internship!!!!

  2. Charlene says:

    Oh no worries. He liked it and wanted to! He actually did something similar (and not so makeshift) at Christmas.

  3. Neci says:

    Are you able to post the Christmas video? Lol, this was pretty funny!! You’re lucky to have such a fun environment to work in!!

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