My City, My Love

It’s no secret that there’s not much more I love in life than Cleveland. I can’t see myself living anywhere else. I love so much about this city and in the past year my love has grown even more with all the positive changes and new plans.

So when I saw this article and corresponding picture, I got beyond excited.

Honestly, how gorgeous would that be on the Lakefront? As a girl who spends most of her fall/winter down at the Lakefront, I would love to see it used more and have more people heading downtown (and out of the suburbs). (Yes, I know, I’m currently a suburbs girl (key word: currently). But I love my city. I grew up in West Park.)

Not to mention, it means creation of jobs and an increase in our economy. Yay!

And I am so proud of my Browns for becoming involved. When I read the article and saw what Holmgren said “This is my city“, I seriously almost teared up (insert laugh here). As a girl who has cried, laughed, been furious and happy for my Browns it’s so fantastic to see a general manager who really cares. And not just for the team but also for our city. It’s what we need as a city.

I love this man.

Keep up the good work, Cleveland!


About lifeinthecle

30 Something Advertising/PR/Marketing Young Professional living in and loving the CLE. Favorite things include the Cleveland Browns, Starbucks, deep conversations, volunteering, writing, social media, fashion and wine.
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