One of Those…

Ever have one of those weeks where it feels as though absolutely nothing is going your way?

Yep. That was me last week. Talk about being in a slump. It felt like from work, to home, to personal life to volunteer work, I couldn’t get into anything and was just absolutely exhausted and over it all. I’m pretty sure I went to bed at 9:30 multiple times (now with that said, my insomnia had me up from 2-5am most mornings so it balanced itself out).


The upside? I have incredible coworkers who were trying pretty much everything to cheer me up, including: 1. Blaring Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” and initiating a dance party (which involved pulling my chair into the middle of the office to join in) and 2. Rapping and dancing to “Drop It Like It’s Hot”. If they wouldn’t kill me, I would post the video of it all going down.

Other things that were helpful during the week? Extra sleep (well as much as I could get), a glass of wine and Grey’s Anatomy, Cavs basketball (you guys…LeBron James plays for us…I’m not sure I’m getting over that anytime soon) and the first snow in CLE. Yes, I’m one of those people that loves the snow and winter and Christmas. Judge. Away.


How do you break out of a slump?

About Charlene Ann

Type A, City Dweller. Lover of all things CLE, bad pop music, coffee, reading, to-do lists and wine.
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