Dear Cleveland

Dear Cleveland,

So today’s a pretty big day, huh? I mean, we’re on a National…well International…stage. In my 30-some years in this city I can’t remember a time when I’ve felt like this. Where every tweet, Facebook post, morning news show and public official can feel the Cleveland love.

Today’s one of those days that we walk a little taller. We smile a little bigger. We say hi to on another in passing. We high five as we’re walking to and from the Q. It’s the day where we’re not arguing over who we should have kept or traded, or what QB should start.

Instead, today’s the day we live out the statement “In Northeast Ohio, nothing is given. Everything is earned.”


image c/o Cleveland Cavaliers

And you know what? We’ve earned this day. We’ve been through some tough days but our brightest days are still ahead of us. And I don’t just mean in regard to the Cavs record. We’re growing. We’re thriving. We’re tough. We’re gritty. We’re kind.

image c/o Destination Cleveland

image c/o Destination Cleveland

We’re just Cleveland.

So today, let’s all rise up together. Let’s not just cheer for the Cavs. Let’s cheer for Cleveland.

All For One. All For CLE.

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