Prepping For The ‘Land

LeBron, Kyrie and K. Love are all calling Cleveland “The ‘Land” now and I sorta love it. Mostly because I love that they are embracing our city – especially Kevin Love who is just experiencing his first year here with the Cavs. There have been a few moments already where I almost forget that LeBron and Kevin are now Cavs players, especially as I’m watching the preseason game. To say I’m beyond excited for the home opener is an understatement. And obviously, I’m already planning and prepping for the big game (October 30th, if you don’t know).

Here’s my list of things to know and do pre-home opener:

1. Don’t park downtown. Let’s all be honest – parking is going to be a nightmare. Best bet? Uber or Lyft. From my house to Downtown, using one of these services will actually be cheaper than parking.

image c/o Quicken Loans Arena

image c/o Quicken Loans Arena

2. Arrive early. Take some PTO. Seriously. It’s going to be one of the biggest nights in CLE sports history – the return of LBJ and the introduction of our new roster. You won’t want to miss it because you are stuck in traffic or trying to get your tab at the bar. I’m already planning on being Downtown by 5pm at the latest.

3. Make a reservation now for a local CLE restaurant. My suggestions: Hodge’s, The Greenhouse Tavern, Lola or Flannery’s for pre-game drinks and food. I already have my reservation for Hodge’s, but know every location is going to be jam packed.

This street is going to be jam packed. And I can't wait.

This street is going to be jam packed. And I can’t wait.

4. DVR. Yes, I may DVR this game. You know, in case I miss anything when I’m there in person.

5. Be in your seat before 7:45. Listen, you aren’t going to want to miss that intro video, the new scoreboard and the introduction of that team. I’m getting chills just thinking about it.

6. Wear your CLE gear. Here are just a few of my favorite options (though I think I’m going with my LeBron jersey…welcome home LBJ…welcome home).

Who will I see Downtown on the 30th? What are you most excited about?

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