And He’s Home

No one should be surprised that last Friday I left a little bit early and headed down to Akron. For a couple reasons: 1. to hang out with my friend Cherise 2. to go to Swenson’s for the first time and 3. to welcome LeBron home. Cherise and I had no idea what to expect going into the event. We heard there was going to be a celebration for LeBron’s “kids” that are a part of his foundation, but that’s all we were prepared for.

Akron & Cleveland representing

Akron & Cleveland representing

We managed to get awesome seats and after waiting about an hour, LeBron’s “kids” were finally at sitting down and the actual program began. There were a number of people throughout LeBron’s career and life who were on hand to welcome the King back to Akron/Cleveland, including Coach Dru, Austin Carr and kids from his Boys and Girls Club.

My favorite moment? When Skylar Grey was announced and came on stage to sing her hit song “Coming Home”. It was night at that point, everyone had their cell phones out and sang along. When LeBron and his family came out, you could fill the appreciation of Akron and Cleveland in the air. I literally had chills.

Listening to how excited LeBron was and hear him saying things like “I’m home” and “I’m doing this for my city and state and to make them happy”, I mean, as a Cleveland fan, it was the best moment I’ve had in awhile with one of our athletes.

(LeBron image c/o

(LeBron image c/o

And now, the countdown to the first Cavs game!

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