Crawling through Downtown CLE

Things that you probably already know about me from this blog: I enjoy Downtown CLE, I’m a big fan of great restaurants and I love a great drink. I also really enjoy catching up with Kimberly (and I feel like she enjoys all of the things that I just mentioned to). So you can imagine our excitement for the upcoming Dishcrawl Downtown!


What is Dishcrawl? Well, it’s a fun way to get out and experience a few new Cleveland restaurants. The fun part? We don’t actually know where we are going yet! It’s all a surprise as you venture along from one restaurant to the next. Though I hear they may be tweeting out some clues in the upcoming 48 hours. As someone that usually has problems being spontaneous, (my type-A personality needs a plan) this is a fun way to try out some new spots in town, maybe even trying some dishes I wouldn’t typically order. And it’s only $45! (Tickets available here.)



In light of the upcoming Dishcrawl, I want to know…what three restaurants would you do a Dishcrawl to with a friend from out of town? I would say Lolita (duh…Chef Symon), Fahrenheit and The Greenhouse Tavern (totally know they aren’t in the same “neighborhood” but they are three of my faves and ones that I think anyone from out of town would enjoy).

Disclaimer: I was invited to attend this week’s Dishcrawl CLE as a media guest. In return for my pre and post-event posts, I was given two media passes. All opinions are my own, as always. 


About lifeinthecle

30 Something Advertising/PR/Marketing Young Professional living in and loving the CLE. Favorite things include the Cleveland Browns, Starbucks, deep conversations, volunteering, writing, social media, fashion and wine.
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