The First Week

Starting a new job can be kind of scary but I’ve got to say, with the support of awesome friends, as well as cool new coworkers, this week flew by and was actually really fun. In between starting a new job, the week was jam packed with plenty of other social activities.

Tuesday (after living through the tornado warnings on Monday night), Kimberly and I headed to catch up over dinner at the new Urban Farmer Cleveland. Located in the brand new Westin, Urban Farmer is a modern steakhouse, with a fabulous interior decor and warm, inviting staff. By the time Kimberly and I were done catching up we were barely able to leave our table. And we texted each other when we both got home with quotes like “I’m in food coma” “No, seriously, I can’t get up”.


(Also, I see a staycation at the Westin in the near future. Those beds.)

Wednesday was another great Cleveland event – the Silver Spoon Awards. Benefiting the Arthritis Foundation, the Silver Spoon Awards feature all of the best from Cleveland Magazine. I can’t even tell you how many restaurants were represented because it felt like every time we turned a corner, we found another row of tables featuring some of our favorite Cleveland restaurants. The VIP lounge featured Chef Adam Bostwick, from Cork & Cleaver, who was named by Cleveland Magazine Best New Restaurant. Getting to hang out with friends, see my CBS Radio favorites and run into some of my favorite Cleveland chefs? All in all, not a bad way to spend the middle of the week.


Made another New 102/Tim on the Town Photo Gallery - ha! Image c/o New 102 Cleveland

Made another New 102/Tim on the Town Photo Gallery – ha! Image c/o New 102 Cleveland

And apparently I was more emotional than I thought this week – Grey’s Anatomy had me in a full out sob fest this week. It was the final episode with Cristina Yang…yes I’m emotionally involved in this show (helloooo, I’ve watched all ten seasons so far). I’m convinced Shona Rhimes is one of the best TV drama creator/writer/producers. She totally gets female friendships and I think that’s why I love the Cristina/Meredith relationship – they don’t always get along, but they get each other and they are each other’s person.


This scene….just stop…the final “Dance it out”…I can’t even. (The song is from season 1…the memories).

Overall, not a bad week! What was the best CLE event you went to this week?

Disclaimer: I was invited by Urban Farmer Cleveland to check out the new restaurant during their friends and family opening. I attended the Silver Spoon Awards with my friend Jen from New 102 – who was the media sponsor for the event. But, as always, all opinions are my own. 

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