Today…and Yesterday

The last week or so was filled with some fun nights out with music at Quicken Loans Arena. And my wide range of musical tastes was on full display…from Demi Lovato to Billy Joel. As my friend Erin said, “You are New 102…a mix of yesterday and today.” Yes, I like a lot of music (in fact, as I write this, I’m listening to the American Country Music Awards and loving every second of it).

And you know what I’m going to admit it – that Demi concert was pretty damn good. Yes, we were surrounded by teenagers (and pre-teens) and once we got past the opening acts (that weren’t that fantastic) and the magician who was more or less the emcee for the night, Demi sang her butt off. Some of my favorite moments were the stripped down versions of her songs. But the moment that won me over – when she brought up two little girls on stage to sing “Let It Go” from Frozen. Adorbs.

Judge all you want….we had fun.

Oh are so funny.

Oh Michael….you are so funny.

The following week, it was off to Billy Joel and I have to say, it was one of the best concerts I’ve seen at the Q. It definitely is in my top 5 concerts ever. Billy Joel can sing still guys….and really well. And he’s the constant entertainer during his show. I loved how he shared stories of his first albums, his trip to Richfield Stadium and the stories behind his songs. And when he sang “Uptown Girl” during the encore, I was back in HS singing the song with Singers (our select group). And the next day, I had to text my friend Jess to discuss our memories of that song. For two hours, Billy Joel sang his heart out and owned the Cleveland audience. I loved seeing so many age ranges at the concert – shows how classic Billy Joel is. Looking around our section, there were teens to grandparents singing along and dancing along to all of the songs.

Opener Gavin DeGraw

Opener Gavin DeGraw

Billy Joel. Classic. The Entertainer.

Billy Joel. Classic. The Entertainer.


Were you at either concert? Favorite song?

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