Pre-Super Bowl Ad Thoughts

Am I the only one that tries to avoid watching the full Super Bowl commercials pre-game? Personally, I like watching them during the game, making a note of my favorites to read up on them later and I also like to see where they were placed throughout the game…first timeout? Last quarter? Yes, these are the types of things that go through my mind during the big game (again, the Browns aren’t in the Super Bowl so I’m not emotionally invested in either team…or financially invested).

Of course, just being online, as well as on enewsletter lists for Adweek and AdAge means I just can’t avoid some of the spots, as well as their stories that go along with each. I’ve already watched the Budweiser Puppy Love spot and can we all just say “Aw!”

I’m also looking forward to the second Bud spot which will feature a thank you to a soldier. There’s a 75% chance of me tearing up during that one.

Newcastle went a different direction. Yes, they have a celebrity. But they didn’t buy the air time. And hell – Anna Kendrick didn’t even endorse the brand in their spot. Check it out if you haven’t seen it:

I’m interested to see the Bud Light spots, Chrysler, as well as Doritos. I also can’t wait to see what brands utilize social media during the Super Bowl. What Super Bowl spots are you looking forward to?

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2 Responses to Pre-Super Bowl Ad Thoughts

  1. I generally try not to spoil the ads, since that’s why I watch the game, but I saw the Bud puppy one. And cried my hormonal eyes out.

  2. I love Anna Kendrick – this Newcastle campaign was hilarious! And that puppy ad certainly tugged on my heartstrings :’)

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