My Favorite Things: Giving Back

Have you finished up your Christmas shopping? Looking for a few more gifts to give? I finished up a few weeks ago but find that one of my Favorite Things about the holidays is giving back. Maybe it’s rolling up your sleeves and volunteering at one of the many Cleveland food banks/kitchens. Or maybe it’s donating time at Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital. Or just giving back monetarily. Either way, tis the season for giving and remembering others who are not as fortunate.

I wanted to highlight a couple of non profits here that are more than worthy of your time, talents or a small donation. It’s amazing how far a non profit can stretch a dollar (I know…I used to be in fundraising. You can make it work).

First up, Hunger Network of Greater Cleveland. As you know, I’ve been invited to Rolling on the River the last few years as a blogger/guest and am happy to now be supporting this non profit as an event chair for the All About the Bag fashion show and event (which, of course, you need to buy tickets for and come out for a fun evening. Hello, Cleveland celebs working the runway, Mike Polk Jr. and a diamond drop!)

1150Some facts about the Hunger Network:

60,000 people/month (with 25,000 being children) receive emergency food at one of the Hunger Network Centers. To put it in perspective – that’s 17,000 more than the capacity of Progressive Field.

The Hunger Network serves over 6,500,000 meals per year.

The Hunger Network is responsible for purchasing food from the Foodbank and other wholesalers. From there, they work to put that food directly in the hands of the needy.


Ready to help? Visit The Hunger Network to check out how you can get involved.

Next up, The AIDS Taskforce of Greater Cleveland. As you may remember, I was helping to promote their event with Wicked the past couple weeks (which I’m totally jealous I missed). I also have a few friends who work at the Taskforce and give of their time and energy so selflessly (fundraising people, and those that work in non profits, are a rare type. I tell you that because I know so many of them. They give, and give, and give some more.)

image c/o Derryl Strong

image c/o Derryl Strong

image c/o Derryl Strong

image c/o Derryl Strong

image c/o Derryl Strong

image c/o Derryl Strong

The Taskforce offers plenty of services to assist those in Greater Cleveland dealing with being diagnosed, or having someone close to them diagnosed with, HIV/AIDS. Services range from: health services (including counseling), food and housing (as well as transportation), and advocacy for those living with HIV/AIDs.

To learn more and to donate, click here.

In a season of giving and receiving, don’t forget some of those non profits who think of others day in and day out.

Disclosure – I was not asked to blog about either of these non profits. I volunteer with Hunger Network and have friends at the Taskforce. All opinions are my own. 

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