A Little Buble

After a crazy week of being out of the office on shoots, I was more than ready last week to get back into a slight routine. I say slight because somehow my calendar still managed to get packed.

But in the midst of a crazy week, I was happy to see the Michael Buble concert on my calendar. I bought the tickets months ago and almost was going to be unable to make it (lucked out there). Carmen was my date for the evening which meant tons of laughs as usual. And it also meant that our usual Friday hitting of the wall happened much earlier in the week. We dined at Hodge’s pre-show and were able to catch up with Hodge and friends (actually multiple times throughout the evening).

My #TBFF (Twitter BFF) Jen Toohey. She's the best!

My #TBFF (Twitter BFF) Jen Toohey. She’s the best!

Hanging with Tim (and his Browns beard) pre-show

Hanging with Tim (and his Browns beard) pre-show


One of the best moments? Carmen’s reaction when she realized how close our seats were (truth be told, I sorta forgot I bought really good seats for this show). And Michael just did not disappoint. He swooned. He sang Get Lucky. He danced. He was just adorable.

(We had just come from the New 102 suite which was at least 95 degrees)

(We had just come from the New 102 suite which was at least 95 degrees)

It's a Beautiful Day!

It’s a Beautiful Day!

Plus, not many men can pull off a sequin jacket.

Anyone else at the show? Favorite song or moment? (BTW – Carmen and I may have been two of the youngest in our section and were definitely two of the only ones dancing at certain points, beside the awesome woman in front of us).

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1 Response to A Little Buble

  1. Mike T says:

    We were in the third row of the “B stage” at the back. We ducked out early, but took the opportunity to get a rumba in to “Save the Last Dance for Me” on our way out. I love being toward the back for his concerts, because we can let loose. We’ve been going to his shows since he played to a half-filled Palace Theatre years ago.

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