Happiness: state of well-being characterized by emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy.

For me, happiness this past weekend was being surrounded by so many friends. And seeing a friend share his passion with others, raising money for a great charity. And laughing – a lot. And karaoking with one of my new favorite chefs. And getting to know good people – with great hearts.

Thursday, our interns and I got to hang out in the social suite and it just so happened that some of my favorite radio personalities were in the suite too.


This was all the perfect prep for a fun dinner on the patio with friends, many drinks with lots of people and a karaoke session with The Next Food Network Stars where I may or may not have sang Call Me Maybe with Damaris from the show (who says that our version of CMM was a top 3).  (oh and Jason Kipnis showed up too!)


Saturday evening the weather was perfect, the patio at Hodge’s was full and drinks were flowing when the chefs got together to raise money for Veggie U. I can’t even tell you how much food was had (or how many drinks for that reason). Hodge and his team just know how to put together a great event and I was happy to be able to attend this one.



The Chefs from Next Food Network Star – Damaris, Stacey, Rodney and Viet – were some of the kindest people that I’ve ever met. I loved listening to them tell stories about the show, their hometowns, their favorite food and what’s next while we all enjoyed drinks, the weather, the biggest bowl of tater tots ever and some of Rodney’s pies.



And I hear through the grapevine that drinks post-event happened at Barley House on West Sixth. I will neither confirm or deny those reports.

If you haven’t been watching Next Food Network Star, (Hodge is gone – and already missed) Stacey, Damaris and Rodney are all still on the show – along with Nikki and Russell. Make sure to cheer them on!



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