A Staycation in The CLE

I took a PTO day. This doesn’t happen often but knowing that most of my clients were going to be out on the 3rd and that we had the 5th off, I figured why not? I’m one of those people that at the end of the year need to use up PTO days (use or lose ’em peeps) and I’m trying to get better at that.

So I took the day off and hung out with one of my closest friends, drank Summer Shandy and adult capri suns, had dinner together, laughed a lot, gossiped, read magazines and watch fireworks at the park near her home.

It was the perfect day off. Seriously. 


The staycation also included an evening at Hodge’s downtown, watching the Indians game and trying new drinks, viewing the fireworks from atop of the 668 parking garage.

A fun view, hanging out with fun peeps

A fun view, hanging out with fun peeps

Oh and Tower City Lights tweeted to me and asked what color I wanted the lights to be. And just like that they went pink.


Even better was my Saturday. Filled with a morning/afternoon of shopping, girls night out with Kimberly was overdue and we had an important evening planned. Kimberly and I are both fans of Playhouse Square so when I had an extra ticket to Book of Mormon, I knew she’d be the perfect date. Plus having an early dinner meant we would have ample time to chat.

The agenda was prepared, dinner was had on the East Bank of the Flats at Willeyville and Book of Mormon was seen at Playhouse Square.

image c/o The Willeyville

image c/o The Willeyville

The Willeyville– Delicious. Fresh. Great service. Yummy summer drinks. (We enjoyed the shrimp ceviche, pork meatballs and gnocchi.)

image c/o Playhouse Square

image c/o Playhouse Square

Book of Mormon – non-stop laughs. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more inappropriate, oh it did. At the end of the night our cheeks and stomachs hurt from laughing.


But time with a great friend – even better. 

How’d you spend your holiday long weekend?

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