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Blog Note: So sorry for being away for so long. Call it the winter funk or something. But I’m working it out. 

Just a couple of weeks ago when the West Side Market fire happened, I immediately was heartbroken and concerned. One of my favorite parts about going to the Market each week is getting to know some of the vendors. I remember going to WSM with my grandma when I was young and she knew them all by name and they knew her favorite things to purchase. That’s Cleveland for you though. So many of my friends have similar stories, growing up going to the Market and now as adults, going each week.



The building. The vendors. It’s a rich part of the Cleveland community. And you can still give back to help the vendors. Here’s a few ways:

1. Donate a few dollars to the fund that Michael and Lizzie Symon have started for the vendors (see guys – I told you I love that man).

2. Purchase one of these awesome CLE Clothing Co. t-shirt. 100% of proceeds will go to support the vendors and the Market.


3. Shop at the West Side Market! WSM reopens on the 18th. Shop often and bring cash with you. I’ll be there at the opening on the 18th and back again the following Saturday to start back my weekend tradition.

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