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Dance parties still occur in my office on pretty much a daily basis (especially depending on my mood). One of my favorite moments of the past month has been when I was rocking out to some T. Swift at 8:30 a.m. one morning and a VP walked over and had the best, most confused look on his face. He’s since learned that my musical tastes tend to mirror that of a 14-year old girl.

But there’s more than just some Biebs, T. Swift and Carly Rae that’s been played lately. Here’s a few of my most recent favorites:

The Lumineers – Ho Hey
I’ve actually been listening to the entire CD lately, but when this song comes on Sirius in my car, I have a full on sing-along.

Justin Timberlake – Suit & Tie
Yes, it took time for me to start enjoy this song. But I had faith in JT and now I’m a fan of it.

Bruno Mars – Locked out of Heaven
Seriously, cannot get enough of Bruno Mars. Often on repeat and listened to when needing to bust through work.

Mumford & Sons – I Will Wait
I adore Mumford & Sons. That is all.

Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors – What Would I Do Without You?
A friend tweeted about this song, I listened and immediately fell in love. I cannot wait for more music from this group.

And just because there’s not a ton of great pop music in here, I need at least one song.

One Direction – Kiss You
Pop perfection. Dance party music.

What are you currently listening to?


About Charlene Ann

30Something, Type A, City Dweller. Lover of bad pop music, coffee, reading, bourbon, to-do lists, wine, trashy TV and Cleveland.
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One Response to Currently Playing

  1. I’ve been listening to two of these songs! I love Ho Hey and actually find that it’s fun to work out to!

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