2012: A Look Back

I loved 2012. Seriously. This year was really really good to me. I started a new job, met some incredible people, made some new friends that I know I’ll have for a lifetime and got to attend some amazing events. Looking back at this year there are so many moments that stick out for me. Here are the highlights though:

Started the new job
Had a blast at The Greenhouse Tavern’s watch party for Iron Chef America

Jumped Back at Jump Back Ball for Playhouse Square

Spent plenty of time with Shaunte (an old friend from HS who I can talk to for hours and hours and hours)
Met lots of bloggers at the ONE Styling event, including Kimberly

Turned 29
Went to the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame Induction
Attended TEDxCLE


Funday Monday's View
Saw Come Fly Away at Playhouse (which ranks in my top 10 favorite performances I’ve seen there)
Relaxed and took time off of work

Participated in BvBCLE – where Team Blonde won!
Went to Summer Solstice at the Art Museum again (and can’t believe I almost didn’t go!)


I love the Olympics.

Ran into Joe Haden again at Barley House
Celebrated the Olympics with my usual Olympic Party


One of my favorite summer nights of 2012.

Enjoyed dinners and happy hours out with friends
Got spoiled rotten by my favorite chef in town 


True friendship right here.

Honored The BFF as the Individual of Inspiration for the MS Society
Tailgated with Kimberly – her first time!


Of course we took a pic with Elvis....what?!

Celebrated the West Side Market (Part 1)
Attended more events and fundraisers than I could have imaged
Started a brunch tradition with friends


Jess and I, an interview on TV20 with Leah, the ladies, and Erin and I outside of the office
Really celebrated The West Side Market with the Centennial Celebration
Saw Madonna – Live at the Q
Met Michael Symon multiple times and more or less lost my mind over it

Enjoyed all that Cleveland has to offer in Winter
Spent time with loved ones
Participated in #26Acts


What an awesome year. Just looking back at the posts and the pictures is a reminder of how blessed I am. I have great family members, friends, a job, a roof over my head and my health. What were the highlights of your year?


Here’s to 2013!

About Charlene Ann

Type A, City Dweller. Lover of all things CLE, bad pop music, coffee, reading, to-do lists and wine.
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